Most women, and even men, spend time, energy and money to look for the perfect way to get rid of unwanted hair. Looking glossier has become the style quotient these days. From waxing so often to the expensive treatments like Lasers, there are so many hair removal solutions these days but permanent or fairly long term hair removal solution is hard to find. Did you know an easy and cheap hair removal solution may already be lying in your bathroom.

Yes. Pumice stone can be used for hair removal.

What is Pumice Stone?

pumice-stoneIt is a light weight block formed from the volcanic lava. It is generally used for household purposes and we can get it from any grocery store at a cheap cost.

Have you ever wondered a pumice stone could be so effective?

It’s like Philosopher’s Stone of HARRY POTTER which removes all your dead skin and hair in just few minutes. Its abrasive surface provides a rejuvenating skin when used persistently. People have been using it since centuries. Even ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are believed of using the same.

As per need of the hour it is cheap and best home remedy for an ease to remove unwanted hair.

How does Pumice Stone work for hair removal?

Pumice stone has a pore texture which acts as a scrubber at the surface and when it is scraped with hair, results in hair detachment.  The process of abrasive rubbing of this volcanic rock causes hair to buff off from the skin’s surface.

Pumice stone is a wholesome product and the risks are also very minor such as skin irritation, skin redness, discomfort, itching, and possible skin infections .They vary person to person depending on the skin.

Procedure for using it


We can follow the following steps in order to get a better result.

Step 1

Mild your skin by applying a lubricant like shower gel with warm water .This will remove dead skin cells and soften your hair. Wet the stone also before using, in order to remove scratches from a dry stone.

Step 2

Rub the pumice stone in a small area, alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. Do the same until the hair buff out. Then gently move to another area. Apply gentle pressure to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Step 3

Rinse your skin under warm running water to remove slacked hair from your body.

Step 4

Finally apply a mild moisturizing lotion to your skin to restore moisture of your skin and reduce irritation. This will make your skin soft and supple.

Now Question arises – Can hair removal be permanent?

Results are not immediate. It is a gradual method which needs consistency with patience. It may take few days or weeks, totally depends on your skin and the type of hair you are removing. To keep the skin soft and smooth, use pumice stone at least two times a week. The regular use of pumice stone will help you to completely remove or decrease hair density within few months.


What you must take care of

  • Don’t press it too hard and rub it gently.
  • Do this on any part of your body with unwanted hair leaving some sensitive areas as exception like face.
  • Don’t use a pumice stone on sore, red areas or open skin.
  • Better to rub the stone circularly instead of using an up-and-down or sawing motion as this is more likely to cut your skin.


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