Laser for Hair RemovalWell face it, however tough it may be hair removal is something we all HAVE to deal with unless off-course you’re die hard feminist. And by golly how sweet does permanent hair removal sound. Yes. Thats the biggest PRO πŸ™‚

Permanent Solution: The process sounds pretty simple, involving exposure to pulses of laser light that travel down the hair follicle to remove it from its root. Leaves the skin somewhat bruised but you wont ever have to shave again πŸ™‚ . And you can probably get it done during holidays or maybe ditch your summer holiday/ travel and instead get this laser treatment. Well thats what I thought. Not correct though.

Firstly it is Not a 100% πŸ™ guarantee that hair won’t grow back and it isn’t as quick as just one session & you’re hair free. It differs from person to person, but most people need a minimum of 7 sessions and most clinicians recommend 3 to 8 weeks between sessions. So if you want that instant fix, lasers probably aren’t the way forward.

Coming to next important thing: The Cost

It is incredibly costly. Varies from salon to salon but you would be looking at spending a minimum of $1,700 for a full body laser hair removal treatment. We do have another option: DIY; These days there are so many devices and gadgets available for using at home. This means that you do not need to pay out the hefty costs in the salons. The costs again do vary but a decent laser unit could cost anything from $280 up. The down side to this and I speak from experience of having had one, is that they take forever. The wand that carries the laser is small and so larger areas like the legs or the arms can take an incredibly long time.

And finally, its just not for everyone– if you are a natural red head like my sister they do not work. In order for the laser light to be attracted to the hair it needs to be naturally dark in color.

My Take: Unless you have too much time and money, its better to go for the regular stuff and maybe go for Laser treatment for the pain points (I think you know what I mean). And its always better to talk to your doctor first.

Will have another post on Lasers for hair removal and my take on other hair removal products.

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