Most of the celebrities do a fantastic job of hiding their stretch marks. On the other hand, there are those fearless celebs who aren’t ashamed of their stretch marks and are in fact, embracing them.

The point is, all men and women are vulnerable to stretch marks, and these stretch marks shouldn’t be allowed to become a bone of contention in your lives. It’s ok to have them as long as they don’t cause life threatening dangers.
In this article, we will put forward names of 10 celebrities that don’t mind flaunting their stretch marks and aren’t afraid to post pictures of their stretch marks.

1. Halle Berry


Let’s start with Halle Berry, who is a popular Hollywood actress and once upon a time a fashion model. She is known for her appearance in movies such as X-Men series, Catwoman and many others.

The clear reasons for the occurrence of her stretch marks are not known, but it is assumed that her pregnancy in the year 2008 might be the actual reason.

2. Angelina Jolie


Isn’t she the most gorgeous woman alive on our planet! Well, apparently, she has them too. She loves having stretch marks, let alone abhorring the marks.

According to her, the stretch marks makes her feel round and supple. Now that’s a way to look at these marks!


3. Cindy Crawford


A well known model and a talented actress, known for her fabulous work in the Hollywood industry. On the personal front, she is never afraid to show her stretch marks even though age and 2 pregnancies have taken a massive toll on her skin.

4. Jessica Alba


Who doesn’t know this pretty lady? She loves her work as an actress, but more than anything, she loves her kids and is far away from being ashamed of what happened to her skin during pregnancy.

We don’t know of any other celeb who embraces stretch marks the way she does.

5. Kate Winslet


Kate is one of the most audacious and fearless actresses that Hollywood has seen after Meryl Streep. She has never shied away from bold and intimate scenes despite having stretch marks. The critic fraternity leaves no stones unturned in ensuring that she is praised for her vehement approach towards acting and ‘don’t care’ attitude about stretch marks.

6. Lady Gaga


Clearly, she isn’t the one to feel ashamed of her body and skin, including her stretch marks. She ostentatiously displayed her upper breasts that are affected by stretch marks.

7. Reese Witherspoon


Another Hollywood charmer is Reese Witherspoon who is in no mood to give hoots to her stretch marks. She loves her skin, including the stretch marks and cellulite.

8. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez’s stretch marks give her a reason to laugh, as per a latest interview. She is more than happy to be a mom and couldn’t care less about her stretch marks.

9. Scarlet Johnson


Scarlet’s stretch marks were quite visible in ‘Under the Skin’ and ‘Iron Man 2’ movies. But, she is in no mood to hide them despite knowing a few clever ways to hide them.

10. Britney Spears


Not unsurprisingly, after being pregnant twice, Britney Spears is carrying stretch marks. She, however, is not apprehensive to show off her gorgeous stress marks to the paparazzi.

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